Surviving the Data Deluge

A practical guide for IP and brand protection teams.

We’ve heard it from teams of every size, at companies with the fastestgrowing new products to brands that have been around for a century - the volume of information they need to manage to stay on top of IP and brand protection issues is exploding. This guide provides a practical approach to harness this data deluge and get ahead of the criminals.

Why it’s getting worse so quickly

As in all areas of society, the data generated by criminal activity is growing exponentially. With more of our daily lives revolving around digital devices and online services, there are even more opportunities for criminals to leverage. Every new service that comes out is another possible platform for criminals to exploit, and the tools and knowledge to increase their malicious activities are widely available on the darknet. Combined with other trends like the incredible growth in parcel shipping and you have a recipe for a data deluge.


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