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Receive reports of suspected counterfeit goods from brand enforcement agents and consumers

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The Hubstream ONE template for Report A Fake is perfect for teams that need to

  • Work with brand enforcement agents and consumers reporting suspected counterfeit goods
  • Triage incoming reports of fakes and assign for action
  • Understand and analyze trends in reports of counterfeits and identify problem areas

This template will help your teams

  1. Collect reports of suspected counterfeit goods from the public or brand protection teams
  2. Create a process for reviewing reports
  3. Add reported fakes to your investigations queue for action
  4. See maps and other interactive reports showing locations

The Report A Fake template includes

  1. A public-facing form for people to submit suspected fakes that includes the ability to pinpoint the location of the store or factory anywhere on earth and upload supporting photos or documents.
  2. Dashboard for triaging reported fakes
  3. Integration with other brand protection operations.

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