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PhishLabs is a comprehensive cybersecurity tool that helps organizations combat phishing attacks and other online threats. It provides a suite of products designed to detect, investigate, respond to, and prevent malicious activity.

The key features of PhishLabs

Cutting-edge technology stack :

It uses big data analytics and machine learning models as well as traditional network security tools like firewalls and antivirus software. With this blend of technologies, they are able to offer world-class protection against today’s ever-evolving cyber threats.

A comprehensive suite of phishing defense solutions :

These include 24/7 monitoring and analysis of suspicious emails, automated response capabilities for blocking malicious emails before they reach users’ inboxes, training programs to educate employees on how to spot suspicious emails, and detailed reporting to help organizations better understand patterns and trends in their threat environment. The company also provides forensic investigations into incidents that have already occurred, helping organizations identify attackers, mitigate damage, and strengthen their defenses against future attacks.

A multidimensional approach to threat intelligence gathering :

Their team leverages a combination of human analysts and AI-driven analytics engines to gather insights from open-source intelligence (OSINT), dark web data sources, email threats, mobile apps, and more. This allows them to identify potential risks before they can become full-scale security incidents.

Incident response planning services for organizations looking to streamline responding to an attack or serious breach:

They offer customized plans that address all aspects of incident response, including containment strategies, system recovery procedures, and post-incident reporting requirements.

Benefits of PhishLabs

The use of PhishLabs’ services provides organizations with several benefits, including improved visibility into their online presence and an enhanced ability to detect threats before they can cause damage or compromise sensitive data.

Through this, PhishLabs allows organizations to act quickly if an attack does occur.

Automated detection of known phishing sites and emails:

It helps organizations quickly isolate and remove malicious content from their systems without requiring manual input from security teams.

Allows organizations to maintain up-to-date employee training materials to better equip them against potential attacks.

Employees are provided with access to detailed tutorials on how they can recognize and report suspicious emails or websites, as well as other resources such as videos and simulations, which give them additional information on how best to handle potential threats. This helps reduce the chances of employees falling victim to a phishing attack by providing them with the knowledge they need on how best to respond when faced with suspicious activity online.

Allows companies access to real-time threat intelligence.

It does so through its powerful reporting engine, which continually monitors for new or previously unknown threats targeting the organization. This gives organizations quick access to vital information that can be used in developing countermeasures that effectively mitigate risk associated with potential attacks before any damage has been done.

How can investigators benefit from PhishLabs?  

Investigators can use PhishLabs to identify and investigate malicious phishing campaigns. PhishLabs provides a suite of services that enable investigators to quickly assess the scope and severity of any given malicious campaign. The platform gathers data from a variety of sources, including email, webpages, social media, and more, to help investigators understand the context of the attack and its targets. With this information, investigators can analyze phishing tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), as well as detect key indicators of compromise (IOCs). This allows them to quickly build an evidence-based case against the attacker that they can present in court.

Additionally, PhishLabs’ Threat Intelligence team works with leading cybersecurity vendors to provide tactical intelligence on attackers that helps guide investigations. This intelligence is used by forensic experts to identify patterns across multiple attacks, allowing them to further advance their investigation. Lastly, PhishLabs also maintains its library of research documents related to malicious phishing campaigns that investigators can use for reference purposes when conducting their investigations. By leveraging all these resources, investigators are provided with a comprehensive toolkit for researching and responding to malicious phishing campaigns.

How can Hubstream help investigators with PhishLabs? 

Hubstream’s new PhishLabs integration template is a powerful tool that allows users to quickly and easily integrate Fortra’s PhishLabs service with the Hubstream Data Hub. This integration template gives companies the ability to protect their digital assets and stay secure against malicious cyber-attacks by providing an automated security solution that can quickly detect and respond to potential threats. With this integration template, Hubstream has created an easy-to-use platform for organizations of all sizes to help keep their business secure from phishing attempts, malware attacks, ransomware threats, and other malicious cyberactivity. In addition, it gives them access to detailed reports on their security performance which they can then use to assess their overall risk posture and make informed decisions when it comes to addressing any security vulnerabilities.

What does the add-on template Phishlabs integration contain?   

An import map that translates the data from PhishLabs into your data hub
A stream that provides an API and instructions to configure PhishLabs
A data model for takedowns, servers, URLs, and domains/sub-domains
Customizable Power BI reports showing monthly/quarterly takedowns alongside all your other data

What goals can this template help investigators achieve?   

Understand online brand protection and enforcement activities from sources, including Fortra’s PhishLabs service.
Combine data from PhishLabs with other online and investigative data in their data hub.
Connect the dots between targets identified online to prioritize their investigations.
Understand trends by various dimensions, including geographic and host.

What are the benefits of using this template?  

Connect your data hub to the PhishLabs API to load data automatically.
Produce reporting that combines online data from PhishLabs with all your other investigative data.
Track metrics and SLAs around online enforcement.
Use AI-powered link analysis to find connections based on all data, including media and language processing.

The PhishLabs Integration template provided by Hubstream can be a valuable asset to investigators in the fight against online brand protection and enforcement. By combining data from PhishLabs, investigators can build comprehensive profiles of targets, uncover trends and prioritize their investigations, giving them better insight into their threats. This template provides investigators with an effective tool to help them keep their brands safe in an ever-changing online landscape.

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