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Integrate Fortra’s PhishLabs service with your Hubstream data hub

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The PhishLabs integration template is perfect for teams that need to

  • Understand their online brand protection and enforcement activities from sources including Fortra’s PhishLabs service
  • Combine data from PhishLabs with other online and investigative data in their data hub
  • Connect the dots between targets identified online to prioritize their investigations
  • Understand trends by various dimensions including geographic and host

This template will help your teams

  1. Connect your data hub to the PhishLabs API to automatically load data
  2. Produce reporting that combines online data from PhishLabs with all your other investigative data
  3. Track metrics and SLAs around online enforcement
  4. Use AI-powered link analysis to find connections based on all data including media and language processing

The PhishLabs integration template includes

  1. An import map that translates the data from PhishLabs into your data hub
  2. A stream that provides an API and instructions to configure PhishLabs
  3. Data model for Takedowns, Servers, URLs and Domains/SubDomains
  4. Customizable Power BI reports to show monthly/quarterly takedowns alongside all your other data

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