Add On: General Investigations

A template for general investigations and case management including assignment and task tracking

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Use this template

The General Investigations template is perfect for teams that need to

  • Manage any kind of cases or investigations
  • Conduct investigations that include large volumes of structured (e.g. lists of entities) and unstructured (e.g. documents and media) data
  • Perform link analysis, geo-spatial analysis, and time-series analysis on your investigative data
  • Work with a distributed team of investigators and other stakeholders

This template will help your teams

  1. Manage cases with a team of investigators
  2. Import investigative data from spreadsheets, other files, and the Internet
  3. Connect related investigations using links in the data
  4. Manage tasks with reminders

The General Investigations template includes

  1. An Investigation entity type
  2. Value lists of types of investigations that can be customized for your team
  3. A Team Dashboard that shows all active investigations and can be used to assign work
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How to add the template to your Hubstream environment

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  1. Sign Up for Hubstream ONE
  2. Click the “Add Template” button on the getting started page.
  3. Search for the template name.
  • OR
  1. Contact and Hubstream will do it for you.

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