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Email addresses

An email is a form of digital communication used to send and receive messages, usually consisting of text, images, links, and other attachments. It is sent via the Internet from one user to another using an email client (such as Outlook or Gmail). Emails can be used for both personal and professional purposes, thus providing an efficient way to keep in touch with friends, family members, colleagues, customers, and clients.

Having an email address, nowadays, is as common as having a phone number. People are required to own an email address for mainly the following reasons:

It is considered the most formal way of communication.
It is required for authentication while creating accounts on social media, websites, and apps.
There are different types of emails one receives on a day-to-day basis, such as promotional, marketing, educational, security, and informational. Cybercriminals use emails as a primary avenue for committing cybercrimes. They are often used to target individuals, businesses, and government organizations with malicious intentions. These criminal activities range from phishing attacks to malware infiltrations and ransomware campaigns.

The different types of emails

User account emails :

Transactional emails such as user account emails tend to inform the user about the product or service. This does not involve promotional content. Some of the examples would be password change emails, payment status, user account information, privacy policy update, subscription renewal, and so on.

These emails are sent to customers to inform them about their billing and payment-related information. Such emails are sent at the end of a billing cycle, update payment information, invoice details after purchase, and refunds processed.

Notification emails :

These are used to notify users just like how messages are used. Often emails are linked to social media accounts like LinkedIn and Facebook. Whenever there is a new comment, a new YouTube video of the user’s interest, or a job posting is posted, they will be notified to the user via email.

Emails on orders and purchases :

These emails are used to get confirmation while making a purchase or placing an order. Examples are delivery confirmation emails, order confirmation or cancellation emails, and emails requesting customer feedback.

Marketing emails :

Marketing emails are sent for promotional purposes. Common marketing emails are newsletters, announcement emails, emails about discounts and offers, and survey emails.

With the proliferation of email usage, the challenges concerning cybersecurity have also increased. People own multiple email addresses from multiple service providers. Despite the benefits, there is also a lot of danger as emailing has become the easiest channel to commit crimes.

Often, email scams are used by fraudsters to hide their identity and infect computers with ransomware. They use such emails to attack not only individuals but also organizations. Through these scams, scammers gather data for their other criminal activities, hack systems, and receive money from individuals and businesses, leading to victims incurring financial and reputational damage.

The following are the most common types of email-related cybercrimes:

Email spoofing:

The sender’s address is not their original address and any reply to that mail may be bounced back or reverted to an unknown person who has faked his identity and can be a threat.


It is one of the most prevalent forms of cybercrime. It is used to target a wide range of audiences. In phishing, emails are sent as an attempt to trick individuals into giving out sensitive information such as login credentials. There are different types of phishing via email which include spear phishing, whaling and CEO fraud, and clone phishing.

Spams and Bogus offers:

involve receiving mail from a known seller or a famous brand, telling the victim about unbelievable offers at a very lower price in an attempt to get their credit card information.

Other common email-related cybercrimes are lottery scams, dating extortion scams, investment scams, job scams, romance scams, and business email compromises.

How can Hubstream help investigators with email addresses? 

Hubstream’s email address template is a powerful tool for investigators and fraud fighters looking to tackle cybercrime. By providing users with the ability to track and manage emails, Hubstream’s template provides a comprehensive solution for recognizing and responding to malicious activity. With its versatile tracking capabilities, Hubstream’s email address template gives investigators the capability to detect patterns of fraud or other suspicious behavior in their environment. Additionally, the features of this software allow users to easily create custom filters that can be applied to incoming messages, allowing them to easily weed out potential threats before they even reach their inboxes. Furthermore, the template also makes it easy for users to share communications with other personnel as part of an investigation, enabling collaboration among multiple people regardless of geographic location. By combining both security and convenience into one package, Hubstream’s email address template is a must-have tool for those looking to stay ahead of cybercrime.

What do the add-on template email addresses contain? 

An email address entity type

What goals can investigators achieve with this add-on template?  

Track email addresses that are related to the case.
Connect email addresses to other entities such as companies or people.
Visualize links between email addresses as well as links with other entities such as companies, people, or online profiles.

What are the benefits of using this template?

Effectively track email addresses to always be vigilant.
Create an entity for email, add email addresses, and link them with other related entities to find clues and leads.
Visualize links between email addresses as well as other entities such as companies, people, or online profiles in the form of network charts for comprehending complex relationships and identifying difficult clues.

The Hubstream ONE template called email address is a powerful tool for investigators fighting cybercrime, as it helps to detect fraudsters and recognize their patterns. It’s an efficient way of tracking and managing emails, which makes it easier for cybersecurity experts to identify fraudulent activity. With this template, organizations can stay one step ahead of malicious actors, keeping their networks safe from potential threats. The Hubstream ONE email address template provides a valuable service for those looking to protect their data, making it an invaluable resource for anyone involved in the fight against cybercrime.

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