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Receive, assess and quickly respond to Customs Seizures

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The Customs Seizures template is perfect for teams that need to

  • Receive Customs Seizures from law firms or government agencies
  • Compare Customs Seizures with customs recordals/recordations and intellectual property (IP) portfolio information to determine authenticity
  • Instruct customs agencies whether to seize or release shipments

This template will help your teams

  1. Respond quickly to time-sensitive customs seizures
  2. Properly validate whether a seizure is counterfeit or infringes on intellectual property rights
  3. Provide a timely response so that valid shipments can be allowed

The Customs Seizure template includes

  1. A Customs Seizure entity template
  2. A Customs Seizures dashboard
  3. Document upload capability
  4. Email alerts to notify when a Customs Seizure is created or is coming due
  5. An image and video gallery function to quickly assess the validity of shipments
  6. The ability to extract bar codes, QR codes and text from submitted images
  7. A Communications entity type to allow you to create responses that are sent out via email

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