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Manage complaints via email and web form

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The Complaints template is perfect for teams that need to

  • Receive complaints from members of the public or customers, via email or web forms
  • Triage and respond to complaints using either custom or templatized responses
  • Understand and analyze trends in complaints and identify problem areas that are causing lots of complaints

This template will help your teams

  1. Track complaints that are received
  2. Set up a web form and/or an email inbox to receive complaints
  3. Make sure that all complaints are actioned within your SLA (service level agreement) per complaint type
  4. Find related complaints such as complaints from the same email address

The Complaints template includes

  1. A Complaints entity type
  2. A Complaints dashboard for triaging complaints
  3. A stream for inbound emails, and a web form
  4. A Communications entity type to allow you to create responses that are sent out via email

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