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A company is a type of business organization that is typically owned and operated by one or more individuals to earn a profit. Companies are usually established through registration with a particular government entity, depending on the country in which it operates.

Companies can acquire assets, enter into contracts, employ workers, borrow money, and pay taxes. They can also take legal action against other companies and individuals in certain circumstances. In addition to providing goods or services for profit, companies may also engage in charitable activities or pursue certain social objectives. Businesses such as corporations and limited liability companies often have multiple layers of ownership structure, governance rules, and regulations that must be followed to remain compliant with applicable laws. Companies often benefit from economies of scale due to their size and resources. This allows them to produce goods, or services more efficiently than smaller businesses.  

The different types of companies

Sole proprietorship:

It is an organization that is owned by only one individual and there is no legal distinction between the owner and the organization.


It is an organization owned by two or more persons who have formally agreed to share the responsibilities, profits, and losses.

Other important classifications

Types of companies based on liability:

Companies are further classified as limited liability, unlimited liability, and limited by shares and guarantees. In a limited liability company, members are liable to only the extent of their shares or a guarantee. The shareholders are required to meet the debts only to the limit of their shares or guarantee mentioned in the Memorandum of Association whereas, in an unlimited liability company, even the personal assets can be used to meet the debts.

Types of companies based on the number of members:

One Person Companies have only one sole shareholder. These are different from sole proprietorships as OPC enjoys the benefits of a company. Private companies’ shares range from 2 to 200. Here, the transferability of the shares of its members is limited by the Articles of Association. A public company allows free transferability of shares and has a minimum of 7 members to a maximum of unlimited.

Types of companies based on control:

Companies that share their access and control with other companies fall under this category. They are holding and subsidiary companies, and associate companies.

Apart from this, there are listed companies and unlisted companies that are classified based on their capital, and shares.

How are companies investigated?

Internal investigations take place to discover any wrongdoing committed by management, employees, or third parties. Companies are also investigated due to complaints from outside the company.

Investigations involving companies are of the following types:

Undercover investigations:

It is a type of investigation in which an investigator will blend in with the company to discover employee misconduct, theft, substance abuse, and harassment.

Research investigations:

It is a type of company investigation in which investigators find out information about acquisitions, joint ventures, equity, and investments of companies they do business with.

Financial investigations:

These are conducted to investigate embezzlement, money laundering, fraud, and other crimes.

Corruption investigations:

These are done to investigate bribery, illegal foreign exchange, and industrial espionage.

When a company or persons running the company get involved in fraud, misfeasors, and other misconduct, the investigators can conduct the inspection and request the company to produce all the required documents and provide assistance for the investigation.

How can Hubstream help investigators with the companies template?

The Hubstream ONE companies template works great for investigative teams that need to store company data irrespective of their size, manage, track, and link them with related entities to act as an efficient piece of information in solving crimes.

What do the add-on template companies contain?   

A company entity type to store all company-related data in one place.
Options to link and unlink companies with other entities.

What goals can investigators achieve with this add-on template?   

Include company data as a part of their investigations such as name, contact details, employees, and phone numbers.I
Manage and analyze data on contact details for companies.
Find companies that are sharing common contact information such as phone numbers and emails.

What are the benefits of using this template?  

Track company information for monitoring.I
Store contact information of companies irrespective of their size so that one can access them when needed.
Visualize links between companies as well as with other entities such as people or seller accounts to track them and find leads.

Hubstream’s companies template is a powerful tool designed to give investigative teams the resources they need to effectively store, manage and track company data. This comprehensive system allows organizations of all sizes to quickly and easily link related entities, facilitating efficient information gathering and analysis that accelerates crime solving. With its intuitive interface, seamless capabilities, and comprehensive set of features, Hubstream’s company template provides investigators with all the necessary elements for an effective investigation. It enables investigators to access critical data from multiple sources in one centralized hub. The template is designed to help teams make informed decisions quickly and accurately by providing valuable insights into patterns and relationships between entities. With Hubstream’s companies template, investigative teams can transform large datasets into useful information that can help them bring criminals to justice faster than ever before.

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