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Guide teams through a workflow with a predefined checklist of items/actions to complete

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The Hubstream ONE template for Checklists is perfect for teams who are managing a process or workflow that requires a checklist and need to:

  • Guide teams through a workflow with a predefined list of items/actions to complete
  • Set up email alerts or notifications
  • Specify rules such as Due Dates, SLAs for completion time

This template will help your teams

  1. Manage tasks following predefined business rules
  2. Build repeatable QC processes for teams reviewing data, documents, or proceses
  3. Notify teams of critical needs that require unblocking, approvals, etc.

The Checklist template includes

  1. A sample checklist (Entity, Settings, Fields, Views with a sample checklist form with commonly used check list patterns)
  2. Value lists for status lists
  3. Automation rules for email notifications

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