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Updated 07/01/2022

v 0.00014.80

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By Hubstream Inc.

The Hubstream ONE template for Cybercrime Investigations is perfect for teams who are working to protect their customers or citizens from

  • Phishing and malware attacks
  • Identity theft and social engineering attacks
  • Piracy of digital materials
  • Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)

This template will help your teams

- Receive and triage reports from the public or other teams
- Connect related investigations using links in the data
- Consolidate reporting and analytics in a single view 
- Create a data hub for all your cybercrime data

The Cybercrime Investigations Hub template includes

- Core workflows for investigations/incidents/cases
- Dashboards for individual users and a team-wide dashboard for workload management
- Entity types for tracking common entities including Online Profile, IP Address and Address
- Task management for tracking work with deadlines and reminders

After you have created your Cybercrime Investigations hub, you can also install any of the related templates.