Child Protection Investigation Hub

Great for small, medium and large teams

Manage referrals and investigations for Child Protection/Child Exploitation investigations


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The Hubstream ONE template for Child Protection investigations is perfect for teams who are working to protect their customers or citizens from

  • Sharing of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)
  • Grooming or other text-based activity

This template will help your teams

  1. Receive and triage reports from the public, industry partners or other teams
  2. Reduce the harm to investigators from media review
  3. Refer investigations to the appropriate team or external partner for action
  4. Connect the dots across investigations based on shared media, profiles, or any other entities
  5. Consolidate reporting and analytics in a single view

The Child Protection Investigations Hub template includes

Core workflows for Child Protection investigations
Connectors for common services used in Child Protection investigations
Dashboards for individual users and a team-wide dashboard for workload management
Entity types for tracking common entities including Online Profile, IP Address and Address
Task management for tracking work with deadlines and reminders

After you have created your Child Protection Investigations hub, you can also install any of the related templates.