The key to smarter analytics is the model that underpins everything.  Our analytics and integration features are built on top of a dynamic semantic model that can be customized for any domain.  It can be simply and easily extended as your requirements evolve, including powerful event- and metadata-based semantics.


We've integrated the latest machine learning capabilities directly into our platform, where they combine with the dynamic semantic model to produce features that are learned directly from your investigators.  As you use the application, it learns how your team works and makes smarter recommendations to group investigations and propose actions.  The result is a platform that gets better the more data you throw at it.

Data Sharing and Privacy RULES

Some systems require you to fully trust the people and organizations you are sharing with, which makes it difficult to work with others even when you have a common goal.  Hubstream's platform allows you to contribute data and match it with others under controlled conditions while still retaining full control of your information.  The agreements between organizations are encoded directly into our semantic model to ensure that you can define them once and have them implemented correctly for all scenarios.  And, we have audit-grade tracking of all actions in the system.


Investigators often have access to a wide variety of data sources, both private sources within their organizations as well as public data.  The integration layer in Hubstream Intelligence comes with several built-in connectors for major sources, and can easily be extended to handle any custom data source.



We started the design for Hubstream's technology platform with a simple idea on a whiteboard - what if you could get access to the power of the cloud for analytics, while still keeping your most sensitive data within your own network?  Our unique approach lets you get the best of both worlds.  We are able to meet the most stringent security requirements for sensitive data.


Case Management and Workflow Engine

Every one of our customers has a slightly different approach to managing cases.  Different team sizes, different regulations, different domains - our case management engine can handle the diverse real world requirements for workflow, assignment and referrals.



Data visualizations used to be something that your crime analyst spent a week building.  We decided to take a different approach - we analyze your data for you and figure out the best way to visualize it.  Investigators don't need to spend time figuring out how to use a complex visualization tool, they can just expect to see the information in a way that makes sense.  Our data visualization and dashboard technology powers all of the user experiences in Hubstream Intelligence.