Hubstream plus Azure

Native cloud service on Microsoft Azure

Hubstream is built from the ground up as a native Microsoft Azure service, and our partnership with Microsoft means you get all the benefits of scale, availability and capabilities including choosing the ideal data center for your requirements.

Protecting your data

Hubstream is used in some of the most sensitive investigations imaginable, and protecting your data is our most important job. We maintain independently-audited SOC2 certification that meets the demanding requirements of government agencies and global corporations.

Model-driven configuration

Hubstream’s model-driven approach makes it the most configurable investigative platform available. Start with templates based on best practices from similar teams, then use the enterprise-grade, Agile-friendly methodology to iterate and create the perfect system for your team with no coding.

An enterprise-scale cloud service for all your investigative teams

When IT gets involved in helping investigative teams to meet their challenging requirements, they are often surprised to find similar systems cropping up in various investigative domains across their organizations from compliance to cyber to fraud - with no standardization or integration. Rather than a single traditional case management system, Hubstream ONE is a policy-driven cloud service that can be used to create consistent, integrated investigative hubs that can meet the varying needs of investigative teams while still meeting the policies and requirements for security, privacy and continuity needed for enterprise scale.

Responsible use of AI

AI capabilities can help your team to make sense of the deluge of information to take the right action to protect their citizens and customers, but only if they are built and applied correctly. Our expert team can help you to decide which AI capabilities are right for your team, and configure them to meet your requirements.

Integration with all your data sources

Wherever your investigative data is coming from and wherever it’s going - we can integrate it. Choose from a range of “streams” to bring in data from email, public forms, APIs or use a publish/subscribe model via Azure Service Bus. Update your endpoint systems using automation rules that call REST APIs or populate queues for your systems to consume.

All types of data in one platform

Modern investigators are well beyond the notebook and pen stage - they need to be able to bring in large data sets of both structured and unstructured data including documents and media, and be able to connect the dots with minimal human input. Hubstream’s platform includes structured data import, mapping and entity extraction in an end-user focused experience.