Hubstream 3.0.1706

June / July 2017

  • Interactive, zoomable network visualization - Quickly visualize, understand and work with your investigative data. Refer, assign, or modify investigations in-line. See how historical investigations connect to new ones.
  • Full screen image viewing
    While we intentionally hide images for user sensitivity, users can now view an image full-screen without the hassle of downloading it.
  • Streaming video for HTML5 file types.
    Users no longer need to download videos of all HTML5 types. For older types, downloading is still available.
  • Firefox and Edge browser folder upload support
    As we move closer to being completely browser agnostic, Firefox and Edge have more features enabled.
  • New global search experience
    Find any entity by name from anywhere in the application in the top search bar.
  • Name searching within the list views
    Every list of entities can now be filtered by name in the list view.