Investigations just make sense

Hubstream comes equipped with highly customizable workflows that facilitate the efficient exchange of information between brand protection teams, both internal and external. The software is tailored to fit the way you work, with powerful capabilities for routing investigation information, integrating with other data sources, and generating reports. It has seamless email integration too! With Hubstream, everyone on your brand protection team is simply more productive.

Investigation dashboard example showing how Hubstream consolidates multiple activities and data points in one place

Investigation dashboard example showing how Hubstream consolidates multiple activities and data points in one place


“Hubstream offers the features we were looking for in a brand protection software platform, and what really impressed us was how extensively the software was customized to fit our specific requirements.”


Kelly Frazier
Director, IP & Brand Protection

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Insights where you need them

Hubstream's data model was designed by some of the foremost experts in business intelligence technology. Hubstream automatically connects discrete pieces of data, no matter how trivial, to find connections between online and offline activities that are of interest to teams of investigators. When a new lead arrives, our simple, easy-to-understand visualizations automatically put the new information in context.


Customize. Everything.

Hubstream is incredibly flexible. We customize data models, we customize workflows. We even allow for multiple custom themes. It can make all the difference when you're working with partners, presenting to management or even onboarding new employees.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. It is a very easy-to-use case management tool. On top of that, it is a data warehouse with built-in reporting. And a workflow system for teams (both internal and external).

Yes. Our smallest install has only a few thousand, and our largest install has hundreds of millions of records.

Yes. We take security very seriously given what kinds of things our platform is used for. There are a few different approaches we use, but it's best discussed on a call.

Yes. Everything is cusomizeable from the data model to the workflow all the way down to the theme.

No. Hubstream is cloud-based software to bring together all of your brand proteciton efforts from any and all partners. Hubstream works best with vast amounts of data, including data mined from various ecommerce platforms by other companies.

Yes! Hubstream handles many different data types through its built-in uploader, and API.

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