Born from fighting the worst type of crime all over the globe, Hubstream is the best tool for investigative case management.

Already used by most major police agencies, many federal agencies around the world, and some of the most sought-after brands, Hubstream continues to prove its metal as the gold standard in investigative case management. 

Bring all data: data-brokers, external consultants, internal investigators, customs seizures, rogues spreadsheets, etc. Use that data to augment new and on-going cases without changing how your investigators work.


Productivity and Workflow

Hubstream will make your team faster. We automate repetitive tasks, create rules that fit your data model exactly, and connect data sources to ingest automatically. Users can refer and assign cases in bulk with one click. We've even found a way to make scraping those pesky websites easier.


Use our built-in reporting to change the game

Through our integration with PowerBI, as well as our built-in dashboarding capability, users and admins can customize reports to look at data in all shapes and sizes. From simple counts to interactive maps, users can leverage the platform to do a great many things - all in one investigative case management system.

This allows you to change how you fight gray market goods, as well as counterfeiters. Proactively plan instead of playing whack-a-mole.

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Hubstream investigative case management screenshot

Get data in quickly

With Hubstream, you can import XML, JSON or CSVs, connect via API, or even use our chrome extension for ultra-fast site analysis. Say goodbye to double data entry.


Scalable and Secure

Hubstream's largest instance currently has somewhere near 600 million records. Some of our instances have all sensitive data hashed and encrypted, often in a hybrid install, where the software is in the cloud, but the storage is local - keeping illegal or sensitive material out of the wrong hands. As more cases are added, all knowledge from the past influences the future.

But it starts with only a few spreadsheets, and a pilot to fly the investigation management system. Contact us today and we'll show you what that looks like!

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