False claims raise premium costs for honest customers, making it harder to compete. Drive down false claims by catching claimants in the act with Hubstream’s solution for insurance fraud.


Replace your legacy case management tools with Hubstream Intelligence

Next-Gen Investigative Case Management

Studies have shown that for many crime types, around 80% of activity is caused by less than 20% of the offenders. Hubstream helps you to identify who they are.

Our software organizes your data, links it together, and shows you where to focus your attention. Hubstream Intelligence streamlines the entire insurance fraud investigation process.

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Focus on the worst offenders

We help you to uncover the real offenders and prioritize your efforts to actually make an impact. Hubstream's data analytics help you to make connections between criminals who are trying their hardest to cover their tracks.


Data sharing with privacy rules built in

Some systems require you to fully trust the people and organizations you are sharing with, which makes it difficult to work with others even when you have a common goal. Hubstream's platform allows you to contribute data and match it with others under controlled conditions while still retaining full control of your information.

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5. Play nicely with others.png

Play nicely with others

Many investigative teams have turned to law firms, private investigators and other partners to handle the volume. Hubstream helps you coordinate everyone's activities, and can even let your partners respond directly from their inboxes instead of signing on to another application.


Rescue your litigation budget

The volume of counterfeit activity and IP theft keeps growing, and your legal team is getting more and more stretched. Hubstream helps you be more productive by easily tracking and prioritizing all your information, and keeping you on track with dashboards, reminders and tasks.

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See the full picture

Hubstream is a business intelligence platform designed for investigations, with a range of pre-built models available for major investigation types so you can be productive on Day 1. Better yet, it is delivered as an ultra-secure cloud service so you can get started immediately without a long deployment and rollout phase. Hubstream makes managing insurance fraud cases simple.


Business Value

Prioritize Your Efforts

Share Intelligence Efficiently

Get Started Immediately

Be More Productive




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