Hubstream vs. i2

Have you Outgrown your 30-year-old Investigation Software Yet?

Hubstream, an i2 alternative, delivers on-the-fly analytics and real-time investigation insights with state-of-art AI technologies.

Data-Driven Investigation Teams Use Hubstream to Produce Optimal Outcomes



i2 Product
State-of-Art AI technologyOutdated tech from the ’90s
Automatic workflowsManual operations
Modern SaaS environmentComplex hybrid architecture
Collaborate from anywhereData silos
Automatic updates under one unified platformUnsynchronized releases among individual apps
On-the-fly insights with automatic dashboardsResource-intensive, code-driven insights

Discover limitations of the i2 Product Portfolio


i2 iBase

Complex data mapping steps

Steep learning curves

Limited customization

Manual data import processes

Labor-intensive queries

Reliance on additional i2 products to add values


i2 Analyst’s Notebook

Data dependency on iBase or other databases

Structured data only

Poor reporting interface

Data capacity is limited


Requiring other map services to support geospatial analysis


i2 Analysis Hub

Complex hybrid software architecture

Latency in data communication

Data integration is tricky

Data capacity is limited


A mixed bag of applications without synchronization


Global Enterprises and Government Agencies Partner with Hubstream to Protect their Reputation and Customers

Bill Harmon

Head of IP at Uber

"Hubstream really enables us to harness the intelligence that’s hidden in our data, so we can make smarter decisions and achieve meaningful efficiefficiency gain."

Derek Dobson

Microsoft Canada

"Cybercrime presents a significant threat to Canadians and Canadian organizations,” said Derek Dobson, Defence and Federal Public Safety Lead, Microsoft Canada. “We are proud to work with the NC3, Hubstream and FTI Consulting who are using the power of Microsoft Azure to enable investigations, and to reduce the risk and impact of cybercrime in Canada."

Patrick Strong

FTI Consulting

"The flexibility to deploy Hubstream in a variety of cloud tenant configurations is critical to our clients,” said Patrick Strong, Managing Director of FTI Consulting (a Hubstream certified partner). “With Hubstream Inc having achieved SOC 2 compliance, we know our clients’ data is protected by common criteria and trust principals in either a SOC2-certified SaaS service or within their own private cloud tenant. This ensures Hubstream’s security, monitoring and availability match the global standard our client’s demand."