Hubstream Intelligence™ is all about helping you be more productive in your investigations.  That starts with helping you focus on the right things.  For Human Trafficking investigations, that means intelligent analytics that understand the world of online crimes and can help you to be more productive for every single investigation.

Understand IP Addresses

An IP address can be a fantastic source of information that can lead you to the geographic location of a suspect or show you where else the same person has been active.  Or, it could be a dead end that leads you to Tor or a Virtual Private Network (VPN).  Hubstream has built-in intelligence for IP addresses so you never have to do manual searches again.  Every IP address that is entered is automatically resolved for geo-location, ISP, and anonymizers like Tor and VPN's.  This information is included in visualizations and infographics so you know straight away whether a new IP address is just another dead end or the key to your investigation.



Marketplaces like AlphaBay and Silk Road have become a key part of the high-tech infrastructure behind modern criminal enterprises, along with cryptocurrencies like BitCoin.  Hubstream Intelligence™ for Cybercrime has everything you need for tracking, understanding and solving investigations in online marketplaces.


Cybercrime investigations often revolve around the online identities of the suspects and victims.  This means tracking email addresses, screen names and user ID's for sites like Facebook and Twitter, along with darkweb identities like seller profiles.  Hubstream's solution for Cybercrime has a full model for importing and tracking this data, along with smart linking and searches to find related identities automatically.


A cybercrime investigator who works hard to create an undercover online profile can look exactly like a real criminal.   This is great for investigations, but can cause a lot of complications when another investigator is not aware of them.  We allow investigators to track their undercover identities and securely share them with other jurisdictions, and then get notified with silent hits when their identities show up in someone else's investigation.

Web sites

It's amazing how much information you can learn about a web site.  But who has the time to manually research every single URL that comes your way?  We can help automate the process with domain lookups and screenshots, and downloading and categorizing relevant images without any manual work.