Hubstream for Human Exploitation


Investigations into Internet-facilitated crimes against children often require collaboration between different organizations. Hubstream's solution for Human Exploitation allows you to securely coordinate and refer investigations between all the NGO's and government agencies in the global network through our support for industry standards including Project VIC and NCMEC data. Sign up for a demo, and we'll show you how you can leverage powerful technology to protect these most vulnerable members of society.


Join the global community.

Criminals' use of social media and internet sharing sites for child exploitation has been growing at an exponential rate. Hubstream Intelligence™ can dramatically reduce the workload for investigators by automatically ingesting leads and investigations from sources like NCMEC and web reporting sites. Our advanced AI-based analytics can group related investigations together, and send investigations into different streams for triage based on their likelihood of progressing.


Data sharing with privacy rules built in

Some systems require you to fully trust the people and organizations you are sharing with, which makes it difficult to work with others even when you have a common goal.  Hubstream's platform allows you to contribute data and match it with others under controlled conditions while still retaining full control of your information. The agreements between organizations are encoded directly into our semantic model to ensure that you can define them once and have them implemented correctly for all scenarios. And, we have audit-grade tracking of all actions in the system.


Success may hinge on an IP address.

An IP address can be a fantastic source of information, leading you to the geographic location of a suspect or showing you when someone has been active online. Or, it could be a dead end that leads you to Tor or a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Hubstream has built-in intelligence for IP addresses so you never have to do manual searches again. Every IP address that is entered is automatically resolved for geo-location, ISP, and anonymizers like Tor and VPN's. This information is included in visualizations and infographics so you know straight away whether a new IP address is just another dead end or the key to your investigation.


Insights where you need them

Hubstream's data model was designed by some of the foremost experts in business intelligence technology. Hubstream automatically connects discrete pieces of data, no matter how trivial, to find connections between online and offline activities that are of interest to teams of investigators. When a new lead arrives, our simple, easy-to-understand visualizations automatically put the new information in context. Hubstream is not a Big Data analytics tool.  It is a targeted data analytics tool.


Get started immediately.

Hubstream Intelligence™ is delivered as an ultra-secure cloud service so you can get started immediately without a long deployment and rollout project. We can meet the most demanding secure requirements and are used by customers around the world including in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Europe (contact us for references). And, we have a range of pre-built models available for major investigation types so you can be productive on Day One.


Share metadata but not images

We started the design for Hubstream's technology platform with a simple idea on a whiteboard - what if you could get access to the power of the cloud for analytics, while still keeping your most sensitive data within your own network?  Our unique approach lets you get the best of both worlds. We meet the most stringent security requirements for sensitive data, while fostering collaboration where it matters most.

Investigation dashboard example showing how Hubstream consolidates multiple activities and data points in one place

Investigation dashboard example showing how Hubstream consolidates multiple activities and data points in one place


Download Hubstream Agent.

If you are part of a law enforcement agency and want to download the Hubstream Intelligence Agent, we need to first verify your email and organization.

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