An Advanced Case Management Platform Built for Fraud Investigation

Hubstream helps you get out of your spreadsheet madness,
and use a data-driven approach to mitigate risks with speed and ease.

Hubstream is built to alleviate data challenges at every stage of your investigation



Hubstream has the ability to gather all kinds of evidence, no matter it is online or offline. You can import all your potential evidence and reports within a single data hub, enabling your team to collaborate with internal teams, law enforcement and external law firms for real-time updates and information sharing on investigations.



Investigating promptly to financial fraud is vital to prevent evidence destruction. Hubstream's AI-powered linking analysis offers automatic triage results to prioritize critical evidence, visualize case connections, and identify repeat fraudsters quickly, all of which to improve investigation effectiveness.



Hubstream seamlessly integrates with Microsoft PowerBI, providing an easy-to-use interface like Excel, enabling you to automate reporting, develop interactive dashboards, filter reports by case type, sources of evidence, and location and make actionable decisions.

Fraud Investigation Use Cases


Financial Services & Banking: Credit Card and Bank Fraud

In the financial services and banking industry, credit card fraud was the most common type of identity theft, with about 440 thousand reported cases in 2022. Other types of bank fraud include fraudulent checking or savings accounts, checks, and payments, which had 156 thousand reported cases last year. With a data-driven investigation approach, Hubstream can help your team make sense of fraud activities and prioritize critical leads for legal proceedings.

Consumer Lending: Loan or Lease Fraud

In loan or lease fraud cases, a person’s identity is misused in car loans or leases, personal loans, business loans or student loans. This type of fraudulent activity was counted for 153 thousand reported cases in 2022. Hubstream can help your team automate reports, highlight infected hot spots, and connect all the dots to identify fraudsters in a timely manner.


Public Sector: Government Benefits Fraud

Unemployment fraud in the US has surged during the pandemic, with 35% of applications deemed fraudulent. Hubstream can help address this issue by customizing benefit claim fields, consolidating documents with various formats under one unified data hub, and detecting unusual patterns to prevent fraudulent claims.

What makes Hubstream suitable for your team?


Refer the most critical leads in a timely manner

Hubstream can help you reduce workloads and triage reports and evidence automatically for you.


Cybercrime teams love us

Hubstream maintains indepently-audited SOC2 certification and is fully GDPR compliant.


Integrate with ALL your data sources

No lengthy integration check lists. Your team can import data from anywhere and avoid data silos across various software solutions.