Hubstream Intelligence is a fully integrated case management and entity analytics platform that allows you to securely coordinate and refer financial investigations with enforcement agencies, ensuring a financial system free from criminal abuse.


Replace your legacy financial case management tools with Hubstream Intelligence

Next-Gen Investigative Case Management

Studies have shown that for many crime types, around 80% of activity is caused by less than 20% of the offenders. Hubstream helps you to identify who they are.

Our software organizes your data, links it together, and shows you where to focus your attention.

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Spot connections in your data

Hubstream is a financial investigation software platform designed to ingest data from multiple sources and ‘connect the dots’ in ways that might be impossible or impractical to do any other way. For large, complex investigations, our infographics and automated data visualizations let you zero in on problem areas quickly.


Customized to your needs

Hubstream is case management platform with workflow tools that makes everyone involved more productive. Investigative case management workflows can be customized to your requirements, including review and approvals where required.

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1. Focus on the worst offenders.png

Focus on the worst offenders

We help you to uncover the real offenders and prioritize your efforts to actually make an impact. Hubstream's data analytics help you to make connections between criminals who are trying their hardest to cover their tracks.


Don't reinvent the wheel

Data visualizations used to be something that your crime analyst spent a week building. With Hubstream, financial investigators don't need to spend time figuring out how to use a complex visualization tool, they can just see the information in a way that makes sense.

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5. Play nicely with others.png

Play nicely with others

Many financial fraud investigative teams have turned to law firms, private investigators and other partners to handle the volume. Hubstream helps you coordinate everyone's activities, and can even let your partners respond directly from their inboxes instead of signing on to another application.


Business Value

Retain Full Control of Your Data

Share Intelligence Efficiently

Spot Trends Proactively

Identify Repeat Offenders




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