The Hubstream Software Platform


Hubstream links online and offline metadata to generate valuable insights that can protect those whose activities span both domains. Fully customizable. Fully scalable. Workflow, analytics, reporting, and automation all in one case management software.

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A software platform for investigating crime.


Consolidate all of your investigation data in one platform.

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Prioritize your activities where you will have the most impact.


Find connections in your data that you might otherwise have missed.

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Hubstream Intelligence

All Critical Data in One Platform

Spot Connections in Your Data

Share Insights Efficiently

Increase Productivity


Hubstream Intelligence provides everything you need to handle any intelligence-based case management activity.


Hubstream Crowdsource

Eliminates Review of Duplicate Images

Enables National Collaboration

Catch CE Offenders Faster

Reduces Stress on Front Line Cops




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