An Advanced Case Management Platform Built for Cybercrime Investigation

Hubstream helps you get out of your data madness, and use a data-driven approach to reduce threats with speed and ease.

Hubstream is built to alleviate data challenges at every stage of your investigation



Hubstream has the ability to gather structured and unstructured evidence, monitor all your activities within a single data hub, enabling your team to collaborate with both internal teams and external partners for real-time updates and information sharing on incidents.



Studies have shown that 20% of offenders are responsible for 80% of criminal activity. Utilizing our AI-powered linking analysis, you can connect multiple pieces of evidence with various data formats such as log files, data packets and incident reports, visualize connections among incidents, identify repeat perpetrators, and make sense of your data.



Hubstream seamlessly integrates with Microsoft PowerBI, providing an easy-to-use interface like Excel, enabling you to automate incident reporting, develop interactive dashboards, filter reports by incident and evidence type and build a case against perpetrators in securing a conviction.

Getting started with Hubstream is easy

Hubstream’s community templates are designed to quickly start your data-driven investigation process without requiring any additional work; Our cyber investigation template streamlines digital investigations, allows coordination among investigators and manage incidents effectively. Additionally, with add-on templates to track geo-location and internet service provider, Hubstream can assist any cyber investigation team to gain valuable insights on criminal activities and secure probative evidence for legal proceedings.


Cyber Investigation

A template for cybercrime investigators, including incident management, workflows, task management, analytics, data mining, tracking, and real-time alerts, helping to prevent and investigate cybercrime effectively.


IP Addresses

Track IP Addresses in your investigations, including IPv4 and IPv6 addresses



Track information about websites including URLs and domains

Cyber crime Use Case


Hubstream helps Canada’s law enforcement agencies use cutting-edge technology to address a wide range of crimes including ransomware, denial-of-service attacks and many other crimes that put Canadians at risk. It is also widely used among Five Eyes (FVEY) and European agencies for critical applications.

“ FTI Consulting and Hubstream are collaborating with the NC3 to deploy leading-edge technology that will protect citizens of Canada from cybercrime activities,” said Bruce Benson, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting Inc.

What makes Hubstream suitable for your team?


Refer the most critical leads in a timely manner

Hubstream can help you reduce workloads and triage reports and digital evidence automatically for you.


Cybercrime teams love us

Hubstream maintains indepently-audited SOC2 certification and is fully GDPR compliant.


Integrate with ALL your data sources

No lengthy integration check lists. Your team can import digital evidence from anywhere and avoid data silos across various digital channels such as networks, cloud, and mobile devices.