CyberTip ONE

A complete solution by Griffeye and Hubstream, transforming the management of CyberTips.

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The Challenge

NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) CyberTips are being generated in overwhelming numbers and law enforcement agencies are drowning in growing backlogs. Managing NCMEC’s CyberTips is not only a manual, but disconnected work process, resulting in great redundancy and limited capacity to quickly identify high-priority leads.

  • The growing volume of NCMEC reports (29.3 million reports in 2021).
  • The workflow to assess and prioritize CyberTips includes a great deal of manual labor.
  • Textual and visual intelligence in a CyberTipis assessed separately and synergies of a combined approach is lost.
  • First-generation CSAM and other high-priority leads are discovered later than they could – or never.

The Solution

To streamline the workflow of CyberTips, the combined intelligence of Griffeye and Hubstream creates a complete solution for Law Enforcement to manage the flood of NCMEC reports more efficiently. CyberTip One manages both the visual and textualinformation found in a CyberTip and supports the entire collaborative workflow from receiving the CyberTip to taking action. CyberTip ONE reduces the workload and noise to prioritize victim ID proactive investigations and thus returns investigative time back to the unit. For more information, fill out this form

Key Benefits

  • Increase victim identification opportunities
  • Controlled process and way of managing sensitive data
  • Streamlined and collaborative workflow
  • Efficient way of assessing intelligence referrals
  • Elevated capacity to prioritize CyberTips and identify highquality leads
  • Reduce workload and duplication
  • Reduce officer exposure to CSAM
  • Combine the value of visual and textual intelligence to enhance investigative results

CyberTip ONE Workflow

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Automated process

  1. Receive and process the information.
  2. Combine the technology from Griffeye Analyze and Hubstream ONE to automatically assess the information in each report.
  3. Prioritize the CyberTips from most critical to less critical reports.

Collaborative investigative work

  1. Review and analyze all the information in one integrated solution.

  2. Refer the most critical leads as part of the streamlined process.