Hubstream Crowdsource
Enterprise Edition


A data platform for tracking and prioritizing all of your investigation related information – automatically linking it together and showing you where to focus your attention for maximum impact.

Enterprise Edition
Customer Success Team (Included)
VICS OData Standards Support
Voting Logic for Categorization
Management Dashboards
Support for Project VIC Global Alerts
International Collaboration
Media Library Integration

 Business Value


Eliminates Review of Duplicate Images

Enables National Collaboration

Catch CE Offenders Faster

Reduces Stress on Front Line Cops


Hubstream Crowdsource is a platform tailor-made for reducing workloads, accelerating arrests and avoiding trauma through smart collaboration across agency boundaries.

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Yes, it is a next-generation case management tool that actually helps you understand the full picture rather than just tracking cases. Manage your anti-counterfeit, gray market, intellectual property, and any other brand related cases in one place.

Hubstream is a platform for all of your data, including data you get from online brand protection and monitoring services. We don't provide monitoring, we support all the major brand protection services.

Hubstream is a software platform, you get to keep full control of all your data and we give it back to you if you decide to leave.

Yes. Everything is cusomizeable from the data model to the workflow all the way down to the theme.

Yes! Hubstream handles many different data types through its built-in uploader, and API.




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