An Advanced Case Management Platform Built for Child Protection Investigation

Hubstream helps you get out of your data madness,
and use a data-driven approach to identify victims and offenders faster

Hubstream is built to alleviate data challenges at every stage of your investigation



When conducting an investigation related to child protection, you may work with family members, witnesses, and other relevant individuals. Hubstream can help you securely organize various types of sensitive evidence and records, both online and offline. By importing all potential evidence into a single data hub, Hubstream allows you to easily get real-time updates and share information with authorized personnel.



Time is crucial for child protection investigators to analyze potential evidence and identify offenders—every minute counts. Hubstream can automatically connect all the dots among reports and prioritize tips from most critical to less critical, giving you time to take care of activities that matter the most.



With Hubstream, you can automate your workflows and streamline review processes, while also prioritizing cases and filtering reports based on case type and sources of evidence. But its most impactful feature is its ability to help identify offenders and bring justice to victims more quickly.

Getting started with Hubstream is easy

Hubstream offers a powerful Child Protection Investigation Hub template that helps child protection agencies and investigators around the world save children from abuse. It is perfect for teams who are working to protect their customers or citizens from sharing child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and grooming or other text-based activity.


Child Protection Investigation

Case management and tracking for investigations by Child Protection teams

Child Protection Investigation Case Studies

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CyberTip ONE

Due to a manual work process, law enforcement agencies were struggling to identify high-priority leads among the overwhelming number of tips in NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children). CyberTip ONE integrates Hubstream and Griffeye to streamline workflows, reduce noises and enable prioritization of victim ID and proactive investigations. As a result, investigators can escalate cases and get them out to the right jurisdictions daily, providing a mental health boost for investigators.

“ (…) instead of focusing on 1,000 CyberTips in a day, you can start with the 10 that need your attention most.” said Arnold Guerin, Director of Child Protection at Hubstream.

“ Being able to prioritize lets you put your resources into the right cases from the beginning, which means you safeguard children quicker. Everyone wins. “ said Olle Ejerblad, Law Enforcement Liaison at Griffeye.

Project VIC

Project VIC, a non-profit organization, collaborates with law enforcement officers to understand the evolving tradecraft of child abuse offenders online. With a Victims first mentality, ProjectVIC collaborates with Hubstream to rescue children from sexual exploitation and find victims faster.

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What makes Hubstream suitable for your team?


Refer the most critical leads in a timely manner

Hubstream can help you reduce workloads and triage reports and evidence automatically for you.


Security teams love us

Hubstream maintains indepently-audited SOC2 certification and is fully GDPR compliant.


Integrate with ALL your data sources

No lengthy integration check lists. Your team can import records and potential evidence from anywhere and avoid data silos across various agencies, media channels, networks or devices.