A Data-Driven Cloud Platform Built for Investigative Case Management

Hubstream helps you get out of your spreadsheet madness, and use a data-driven approach to make informed decisions with speed and ease.

Hubstream is built to alleviate data challenges at every stage of your investigation



Hubstream has the ability to gather structured and unstructured evidence, monitor all your activities within a single data hub, enabling your team to collaborate with both internal teams and external partners for real-time updates and information sharing on cases.



Studies have shown that 20% of offenders are responsible for 80% of criminal activity. Utilizing our AI-powered linking analysis, you can connect multiple data points, visualize case connections, identify repeat offenders, and make sense of your data.



Not only Hubstream can perform actions such as setting reminders, alerts, appointments, and assigning tasks but also it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft PowerBI, a user friendly advanced reporting tool, to help you to automate reporting, develop interactive dashboards, filter reports by case, data source or location, resolving cases based on investigative intelligence.

Getting started with Hubstream is easy

Hubstream’s community templates are designed to quickly start your data-driven investigation process without requiring any additional work; Our case management template allows streamlined online investigations, coordination with outside firms and service providers, and effective case management through automated workflows.


Case Management and Intelligence

A complete hub for any data-driven investigations, including case management, analysis and caseflows.

Investigative Case Management Use Cases


Public Sector: Cybercrime, Child Protection & Unlawful behaviors

As a secure investigation case management solution, Hubstream is well-known in public sectors for cybercrime and child protection investigations. It has been widely used by Five Eyes (FVEY) and European agencies for critical applications. Most recently, Hubstream helps Canada’s National Cybercrime Coordination Centre (NC3) to address a wide range of crimes including ransomware, and denial-of-service attacks. It can also be used to manage reports from the public and government agencies to detect suspicious or unlawful behaviors.

Financial Services and Banking: Fraud Investigation

Credit card and bank fraud were the predominant forms of identity theft in the financial services and banking sector, with more than 500,000 instances reported in 2022. By utilizing a data-driven investigation strategy, Hubstream can help your team enhance workflows, make sense of fraudulent behavior and identify critical leads for legal action faster.


Retail and Consumer Goods: IP & Brand Protection

Every month there are thousands of counterfeit consumer goods being sold through unauthorized e-commerce stores or marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. It is difficult for busy brand protection teams to take down all of illegal resellers or track products sold in grey markets. With a data-driven approach, Hubstream can help your team connect all data points, stop playing internet whack-a-mole and eliminate repeat offenders effectively.

Pharmaceutical & Biotech: IP, Brand Protection and Product Integrity

The pharma & biotech industry is a prime target for cybercriminals and counterfeit drugs. Studies have shown that about 95% of online pharmacies are illegal and can harm patients by distributing fake or low-quality drugs. Hubstream can help you verify the authenticity of the pharmacy and streamline reporting and investigation, improving prevention and response capabilities.


What makes Hubstream suitable for your team?


Set up in minutes, not months

You can start using the standard version within a few minutes after the account approval.


Security teams love us

Hubstream maintains indepently-audited SOC2 certification and is fully GDPR compliant.


Integrate with ALL your data sources

No lengthy integration check lists. Your team can import data from anywhere and avoid data silos across various case management solutions.