Social Media Scams

Infringers and counterfeiters on social media aim to deceive consumers, distribute counterfeit goods, and compromise brand authenticity. Hubstream’s AI-powered case management platform analyzes activities carried out by bad actors on these platforms in real time, detecting anomalies to safeguard your brand.

Risks Created by Social Media Platforms​


Social Media Impersonation​

Social media impersonation is the act of creating fake social media profiles, pages, or accounts that closely resemble genuine ones. Bad actors usually mimic the brand's official accounts, using similar names, logos, and content to deceive users.​

Fake profiles can engage in malicious activities such as spreading misinformation, selling counterfeit goods, soliciting personal information, or tarnishing the brand's reputation through inflammatory posts or interactions.


#Dupe Influencer Endorsement

The surge of "#dupe influencer"  has brought great challenges in brand protection. These influencers might actively promote counterfeit or infringing products to their followers, portraying these fakes as "affordable look-alikes," thereby exacerbating the difficulties faced by brand protection efforts in combating counterfeits.


Fake Social Media Ads​

Deceptive advertisers on social media promote counterfeit goods and phishing schemes, posing as genuine brands. They use platforms like Facebook, WeChat, and TikTok to showcase products in their daily posts and run targeted ads to a wider net of audience, deceiving unsuspecting users.​


Risks in Private Communities​

Due to limited visibility, unregulated private social media communities pose higher risks to spread misinformation and trade counterfeit goods without public oversight. Detection by monitoring tools is difficult because counterfeiters use tactics like coded language, posting images with obscured details, or quickly removing incriminating content once it's detected.

We help you stop social media scams proactively

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What Hubstream can do for you?



Hubstream connects your data streams across channels and geographical areas at scale, enabling you to analyze patterns and predict future infringements.​



Hubstream takes a data-driven approach to highlight the critical areas of vulnerability so you can take swift action to protect your brand.​



Hubstream enables you  gather solid evidence securely from multiple sources to safeguard the brand's reputation and financial interests.​