Marketplace Infringement​

Combatting intellectual property infringements on online marketplaces presents a significant challenge.  Hubstream’s AI-powered case management platform analyzes activities carried out by bad actors on marketplaces in real time, detecting anomalies to safeguard your brand.

Risks Created by Marketplace​


Counterfeit ​Goods

The proliferation of counterfeit goods presents a substantial risk to brand integrity. Platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Temu have emerged as primary channels for the distribution of imitation products, offering discounted substitutes or "superfake" items that mimic authentic ones but sell at deep discounts.


Unauthorized Sellers

Unauthorized sellers can vary significantly, as products are distributed through “authorized” distributors. Some distributors may be unaware that selling the products online is not permitted, while others deliberately disregard the agreements and view platforms like Amazon, Walmart and eBay as avenues to boost their sales.


Generative AI Infringement

In marketplaces, the infringement of Intellectual Property remains a pressing issue, particularly concerning digital assets like images, games, software, videos, and audio files.​

The advent of AI-generated content exacerbates this problem. Software like Midjourney or can swiftly produce unauthorized images based on original files within a few minutes, adding to the complexity of the issue.

We help you stop marketplace infringement proactively

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What Hubstream can do for you?



Hubstream connects your data streams across channels and geographical areas at scale, enabling you to analyze patterns and predict future infringements.​



Hubstream takes a data-driven approach to highlight the critical areas of vulnerability so you can take swift action to protect your brand.​



Hubstream enables you  gather solid evidence securely from multiple sources to safeguard the brand's reputation and financial interests.​