Brand Protection Case Management

IP & Brand Protection, task management, workflow management, reports and analytics all in one complete end-to-end platform. Easily adaptable for teams of all sizes

With the increase in number of counterfeiters, copyright infringements, Brand Protection becomes extremely important. It’s a challenging job, with data management, analysis, report tracking, team workflows and queues. That’s why Hubstream exists.

Hubstream for Brand Protection is now available for smaller teams (as well as medium and large enterprise customer) as an easy to adopt cloud service that uses a template-driven, self-service approach to get started quickly.

And how does Hubstream do that?

Introducing The Vault, our repository of the best practices based on some of the world’s leading brand protection teams.
The Vault is your go to place to find templates that are already built to make your life better. Each template is customizable according to your own needs.

A great template to get you going

Brand Protection

And suggested addons for BrandProtection

Addon: Report A Fake Addon: Customs Seizures

What is in a template?

Everything you need

The templates are designed for you to get up and running with no additional work needed.

  • Import your data and existing files in no time
  • Built-in AI Workflows
  • Cloud deployed and supported by Azure
  • Powerful visualizations
  • and much more

When you need more…

We are flexible. You can adapt out-of-the box templates using our easy configuration experiences, and as your team grows you can always get dedicated help from our excellent Customer Success team to make it scale.

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