Criminals are evolving to use "black-hat" SEO to misdirect traffic intended for you to their sites.  We can help you understand the full picture and figure out where to devote your resources.  Our advanced machine learning-based approach shows you which leads are likely to be the most effective.


You've probably figured out by now that you are not going to succeed with one take-down at a time.  Hubstream Intelligence is used by organizations getting hundreds of new leads per day, and lets you work with all of this data in bulk.   It also includes features like templatized document generation and integration with other systems to reduce your manual workload.

Web sites

It's amazing how much information you can learn about a web site.  But who has the time to manually research every single URL that comes your way?  We can help automate the process with domain lookups and screenshots, and downloading and categorizing relevant images without any manual work.


Cybercrime investigations often revolve around the online identities of the suspects and victims.  This means tracking email addresses, screen names and user ID's for sites like Facebook and Twitter, along with darkweb identities like seller profiles.  Hubstream's solution has a full model for importing and tracking this data, along with smart linking and searches to find related identities automatically.