Hubstream for Brand Protection

Hubstream links online and offline metadata to generate valuable insights that can protect brands from the adverse impact of counterfeit and grey-market goods. Fully customizable. Fully scalable. Workflow, analytics, reporting, and automation all in one. Sign up for a demo, and we'll show you how you can protect your intellectual property rights better than ever.


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Insights where you need them

Hubstream's data model was designed by some of the foremost experts in business intelligence technology. Hubstream automatically connects discrete pieces of data, no matter how trivial, to find connections between online and offline activities that are of interest to teams of investigators. When a new lead arrives, our simple, easy-to-understand visualizations automatically put the new information in context. Hubstream is not a Big Data analytics tool.  It is a targeted data analytics tool.

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Trace counterfeits back to the source.

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The market for counterfeit products has shifted away from sidewalk vendors and other "underground" dealers selling obvious fakes. Today, the vast majority of nearly indistinguishable counterfeit products are sold through "primary" sellers, including major e-commerce websites, traditional retail stores and corporate supply chains. Customers assume they are purchasing authentic products and often need help to ensure they actually do. Hubstream Intelligence™ enables you to track the smallest bits of information such as IP addresses, email, user names or other identifiers that may reveal counterfeiters' true identities. It is designed to link disparate bits of information about counterfeit goods and those who supply them to provide your authorized supply chain customers with the tools they need to remove fake goods from their systems.


See the full picture

Hubstream is a software platform designed to ingest data from multiple sources and ‘connect the dots’ in ways that might be impossible or impractical to do any other way. For large, complex investigations, our infographics and automated data visualizations let you zero in on problem areas quickly. Hubstream is not an online data aggregator (aka ‘Internet vacuum’) or the source of information used by investigators. It takes data you already have and makes it more valuable.


Empower your investigators.

Large e-commerce websites today have thousands of registered sellers and a wide variety of fulfillment options to choose from. This makes investigation and enforcement actions exceedingly difficult unless your stakeholders have an efficient way to coordinate efforts and share information. Hubstream Intelligence™ is a modern, web-based application that will feel familiar and intuitive to investigators. It is designed with a flexible and sophisticated set of workflow tools that make everyone using it more productive.


Investigations just make sense

Hubstream comes equipped with customizable workflows that facilitate the efficient exchange of information and insights between internal and external IPR teams, be they global networks of investigators, contracted brand-protection companies, or law enforcement whose involvement may be required. Hubstream is more than a case management tool. It is a workflow tool that makes everyone involved more productive.

Investigation dashboard example showing how Hubstream consolidates multiple activities and data points in one place

Investigation dashboard example showing how Hubstream consolidates multiple activities and data points in one place


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. It is a very easy-to-use case management tool.

Yes. Our smallest install has only a few thousand, and our largest install has hundreds of millions of records.

Yes. We take security very seriously given what kinds of things our platform is used for. There are a few different approaches we use, but it's best discussed on a call.

Yes. Everything is cusomizeable from the data model to the workflow all the way down to the theme.

No. Hubstream is cloud-based software to bring together all of your brand proteciton efforts from any and all partners. Hubstream works best with vast amounts of data, including data mined from various ecommerce platforms by other companies.

Yes! Hubstream handles many different data types through its built-in uploader, and API.

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