A Data-Driven Case Management Platform Built for Leading Investigation Teams

Hubstream is an AI-powered, easy-to-use solution
that combines case management, data analytics, investigative intelligence and customizable workflows.

Investigation teams face many data management challenges today.


Data Deluge

Many investigators still rely on spreadsheets, file folders or outdated case management systems to handle a massive influx of data daily, but it has become too much to manage without sufficient resources and time, resulting in inefficiency and deteriorating mental health.


Data Fatigue

If investigation data becomes too vast or varied, investigators who rely on a basic data repository may struggle to make sense of existing sources or unstructured data, potentially missing chances to derive actionable insights and identify repeat offenders.


Inadequate Reporting

Missing data from monthly reports or dashboards can happen easily for investigators because data points from outside sources might only provide limited and static information if they are not in a unified data hub, hindering the ability to have a complete understanding of the performance or workloads of your team.

Fortunately, Hubstream is purpose-designed to help you solve these key challenges.

What’s your use case ?

Case Management

An investigative case management solution for any data-driven investigations, including case management, reporting, analysis, and workflows.

IP & Brand Protection

A data-driven, brand protection case management solution that helps brand protection professionals organize data, stop playing whack-a-mole, verify the authenticity of products and identify repeat counterfeiters automatically.

Intellectual Property (IP)

A data-driven case managment solution that helps intellectual property teams get out of data madness, prioritize critical leads, and protect IP and trademarks with speed and ease.


A data-driven solution for investigative case management designed to assist cybercrime investigators in overcoming data challenges that emerge from various cybercrime incidents, such as phishing and malware attacks, ransomware incidents, and denial-of-service attacks.

Financial Fraud

A data-driven case management solution that assists fraud investigator in tackling data challenges stemming from fraudulent activities, such as credit card and bank fraud, loan and lease fraud, and government benefits fraud.

Child Protection

An investigative case management solution that helps law enforcement quickly triage reports, elevate child exploitation cases to the right jurisdictions and use a data-driven approach to bring justice to victims more quickly.


What makes hubstream special ?


Getting You Organized and Out of Data Madness

Regardless of whether you're bogged down in the morass of your email inbox, struggling with unwieldy Excel sheets, or lost in a sea of scattered file folders while attempting to locate critical investigation information, utilizing a data management tool like Hubstream can provide relief from the agony of data madness and free up valuable time.

Taming Data Deluge

Hubstream is a data platform where you can store both structured and unstructured data in one place. It acts as a single source of truth, allowing for efficient data management and a healthier environment for you and your team.


Preventing Data Fatigue

Studies have shown that 20% of offenders are responsible for 80% of criminal activity. Hubstream's AI-powered linking analysis can help you quickly identify these habitual offenders by consolidating and analyzing your existing data.

Presenting a Holistic View for Your Team

Hubstream's report module streamlines the reporting process by consolidating both internal and external data, including conversations and reports from outside sources. It automates investigation reports, generates interactive charts, and prevents the last-minute report crunch. Most importantly, Hubstream helps you provide a holistic view of team performance and investigative efforts easily.


Templatizing Best Practices

Our customers conduct investigations in a wide range of domains, and these best practices are made available as ‘Templates’ through our Hubstream community so that you can get started quickly and then customize the fields to meet your needs without the long waiting time or service delays from others.

Eliminating Repetitive and Annoying Tasks

Hubstream's ‘workflow automation’ feature is a valuable tool that helps your team eliminate repetitive tasks efficiently, freeing up more of your time to focus on what's most important. This is another illustration of how Hubstream is tailored to meet the needs of your team.